11. Fill in the blank: A security mindset helps a security analyst _____.

  • defend against constant pressure from cyber attackers
  • recognize the difference between physical security and cybersecurity
  • apply for an engineering role
  • reinforce the expectations of security stakeholders

12. Which of the following are examples of private data? Select two answers.

  • Government trade agreements
  • Customer bank account information
  • Employee identification numbers
  • Employee email addresses

13. What term is used to describe individuals of an organization who are interested in protecting sensitive financial data, customers’ usernames and passwords, and third-party vendor security?

  • Executive security administrators
  • Data managers
  • Information protection advisors
  • Stakeholders

14. Fill in the blank: The decisions a security analyst makes can affect the organization that the analyst works for and other team members across the organization. These decisions also affect ______.

  • the analyst’s chance for a promotion
  • the financial markets
  • competitors in the industry 
  • the customers of the organization that hired the analyst

15. What are some ways that security analysts protect data? Select three answers.

  • Understanding the organization’s assets
  • Reporting small events
  • Ignoring small events
  • Paying attention to detail

16. Fill in the blank: When a security event results in a data breach, it is categorized as a _____.

  • vulnerability
  • security event
  • security incident
  • threat

17. Fill in the blank: An organization is responsible for protecting its customers' sensitive data. Examples of the kinds of sensitive data that must be protected include ____ and _____. Select two answers.

  • social security numbers
  • bank statements
  • private social media pages
  • website URLs

18. Which of the following can cause a company to experience loss of credibility, financial loss, or regulatory fines?

  • A cybersecurity awareness month phishing program
  • The resignation of the company’s social media manager
  • Employee security awareness training
  • A data breach

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Which concept focuses on understanding how to evaluate risk and identify the potential for a breach of a system, application, or data?

  • Security analyst evaluation
  • Security recognition
  • Security mindset
  • Python knowledge

20. As a security analyst, you are responsible for protecting an organization’s low-level assets and high-importance assets. Which of the following is considered a low-level asset?

  • Company trade secrets
  • Guest Wi-Fi network
  • Customer email addresses
  • Intellectual property

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