21. Which of the following assets can be protected by adopting a security mindset? Select three answers.

  • Sensitive customer data
  • Financial information
  • Intellectual property
  • Network equipment

22. An employee at a healthcare company accesses a patient's medical history and payment information to provide treatment. Which type of data is this classified as?

  • Sensitive data
  • Confidential data
  • Private data
  • Public data

23. Fill in the blank: _____ are interested in protecting sensitive financial data, customers’ usernames and passwords, and third-party vendor security.

  • Stakeholders
  • Social media influencers
  • Web programmers
  • HIPAA compliance officers

24. What are some examples of the customer data that security analysts protect? Select two answers.

  • Product announcements
  • Passwords
  • Newsletters
  • Credit card numbers

25. Fill in the blank: _____ must be protected at all times. An organization can lose its credibility with its customers if it is not properly protected.

  • Employee salaries
  • An organization’s social media page
  • Sensitive customer data
  • An organization’s termination policy

26. Which of the following are the best examples of possible consequences of a data breach? Select two answers.

  • Improved hardware functionality
  • Significant reduction in employee retention
  • Loss of credibility
  • Regulatory fines

27. Which of the following examples are considered public data? Select two answers.

  • Health insurance information
  • Product announcements
  • Press releases
  • Passport numbers

28. Fill in the blank: One of the most important concerns for most organizations is the protection of _____.

  • customer data
  • guest Wi-Fi
  • social media 
  • job postings

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29. A security analyst notices that an employee has installed an app on their work computer without getting permission from the IT service desk. The security analyst also notices that antivirus software recorded a potentially malicious execution on the same computer. Which of these security events should the security analyst escalate to their supervisor?

  • Both events should be escalated.
  • Neither event should be escalated.
  • The employee installing an app without permission should be escalated.
  • The potentially malicious code detected by the antivirus software should be escalated.

30. Which of the following is an essential way to maintain a security mindset?

  • Evaluate risks
  • Seek engineering mentors
  • Escalate major security issues within one week
  • Work various security jobs with different organizations

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