11. What do you use to convert the ipynb file to other formats?

  • Preprocessor
  • Postprocessor
  • Exporter
  • Client Browser

12. What is one of the features of JupyterLite?

  • It is not a static website
  • Can create interactive graphics and visualizations
  • Default kernel is SQLite
  • Requires a dedicated server

13. What is one of the features of GoogleColab?

  • GoogleColab projects are stored on the local machine
  • You can clone GitHub projects and execute them in GoogleColab
  • GoogleColab Jupyter notebooks execute on a server
  • You need to set up and install GoogleColab Jupyter notebooks

14. Which environment is used for creating and modifying Jupyter Notebooks on a local device?

  • GoogleColab
  • Python
  • SQLite
  • Visual Studio Code

15. How can you execute Python code in Visual Studio code?

  • By selecting Code from the drop-down menu
  • By installing Python extensions
  • By selecting Markdown from the drop-down menu
  • By clicking on Download as

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