Meta Spark pro quiz

11. Which of the following are best practices for selecting and managing your assets? Select all that apply.

  • Keep an eye on file sizes and think creatively about file size limitations.
  • Maintain an asset list to keep track of which assets are required and who is responsible for each asset.
  • Line up and source your assets before committing to a concept.
  • Develop all of your assets on your own to avoid duplication, file format errors and communication issues.

12. Which of the following is best described as a robust tool that enables creators to access community-created patches, blocks and other features? Select the best answer.

  • Meta Spark Viewer
  • Meta Spark Studio
  • Meta Spark Library
  • Meta Spark Hub

13. When it comes to working with a brand or client who comes to ask you for an effective way to reach an audience using AR, you have to think from an audience perspective. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

14. Capabilities and features, such as face tracking and audio, are added automatically to your project as you build an effect. The more capabilities you add, the greater the burden on ___________________. Type the answer in the text box below.


15. To add custom JavaScript to your scene, you’ll need to download a third-party IDE or code _____________ such as Visual Studio Code. Type the answer in the text box below.

16. Which of the following are examples of scene understanding in Meta Spark Studio? Select all that apply.

  • Face Tracker
  • Eye Tracker
  • Hand Tracker
  • Plane Tracker

17. To add an audio clip to your scene requires an audio file, audio speaker, audio player and audio _____________________. Type the answer in the text box below.

8. The Slider UI patch creates a sliding bar that users can interact with to change elements in an effect. Which of the following statements is true about the Slider patch? Select the best answer.

  • It’s best for continuous values.
  • It’s best for specific values.
  • It allows up to ten options.
  • It is not supported on all platforms.

19. Which of the following tools inside Meta Spark Studio can help you assess errors and bugs in your effect? Select the best answer.

  • Publishing window
  • Scene pane
  • Viewport
  • Console

20. Which of the following are ways to publish your effect from Meta Spark Studio? Select all that apply.

  • Press Cmd + P (Mac) or Ctrl + P (PC).
  • Use the Publish tab in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Go to File > Publish.
  • Go to Project > Publish.

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