21. You’ve designed a website for a client, and they’ve presented you with some feedback and suggestions they’d like implemented. One of the suggestions pertains to responsive design where the client would like to have the text change color to red when hovering over navigation links. Which one of the following would achieve this using pseudo-classes?

  • a:hover { color:red; }
  • a:link { color:red; }
  • a:visited { purple:red; }
  • a:class { color:red; }

22. You’re designing a responsive portfolio website to show off your skills as a front end developer. Where possible you are trying to avoid absolute units of measurement in favor of relative values so that your portfolio website can be easily viewed across different viewport sizes. Which of the following are relative units of measurement? Select all that apply.

  • in
  • rem
  • px
  • vh

23. True or False: HTML event attributes don’t use parentheses; React event attributes use parentheses

  • True
  • False

24. In React, which type of data is stored internally inside a component?

  • props
  • super
  • state
  • tangible

25. True or False: The following is valid JSX code:

export default function Body() {
< div className="body-grid">
< h1>This is the main body< /h1>
< /div>

  • True
  • False

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