31. An element with the property set as ‘position: fixed' is placed relative to the parent (or ancestor) element, not the viewport.

  • True
  • False

32. Select the CSS units of measurement that are directly related to the viewport’s measurement. Choose all that apply.

  • vh
  • vi
  • vw
  • vb

33. Which of the following display CSS property values will result in a block-level element? Select all that apply.

  • grid
  • inline-grid
  • flex
  • none

34. Which of the following rules inside the @keyframes is valid code for moving an item by 100px from left to right, assuming elements have an absolute position. Select all that apply.

  • from {left:0px;} to {left:100px;}
  • from {top:0px;} to {top:100px;}
  • from {right:100px;} to {right:0px;}
  • None of the above

35. Which of the following are benefits of using preprocessors?

  • Loops
  • If-Else Statements
  • Variable re-use

36. You're developing a website and another developer noticed that your CSS contains errors. Which of the following will help resolve CSS errors?

  • Inspect the web page using the browser developer tools
  • Install and use a linter
  • Review CSS selectors used and ensure that they are more specific

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