11. What is a copy of a repository?

  • Fork
  • SSH protocol
  • Working directory
  • Pull request

12. How does GitHub provide streamline testing and delivery?

  • With Built-in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • With branching
  • With merging
  • With reviewing and including comments

13. In GitHub, what is an organization?

  • A name you must specify for your repository
  • A collection of user accounts that owns repositories
  • A path to the code files in a project
  • The top level of a repository tree

14. On which tab in the Repository can you see all the source files?

  • Code
  • Pull requests
  • Issues
  • Projects

15. How do you save changes in the Repository?

  • Commit changes
  • Create new file
  • Add file
  • Save changes

16. Which option enables you to add a file to the Repository from your local machine?

  • Commit changes
  • Create new file
  • Upload files
  • New Repository

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