21. A data professional is using scipy.stats.norm.interval() in Python to construct a confidence interval. Which of the following pieces of code can they use to choose a confidence level of 99%?

  • alpha = 0.99
  • scale = 0.99
  • loc = 0.99
  • std = 0.99

22. Which of the following statements accurately describe the graph of the t-distribution? Select all that apply.

  • It has smaller tails than the standard normal distribution due to the larger dataset.
  • As the sample size increases, the t-distribution approaches the normal distribution.
  • It has a bell shape.
  • It has a higher frequency of outliers due to the smaller dataset.

23. What concept describes the likelihood that a particular sampling method will produce a confidence interval that includes the population parameter?

  • Sample statistic
  • Point estimate
  • Confidence level
  • Margin of error

24. In the context of constructing a confidence interval of a population mean, what does the loc argument of the scipy.stats.norm.interval() function refer to?

  • Interquartile range 
  • Sample standard error
  • Confidence level
  • Sample mean

25. Which of the following statements accurately describe a point estimate? Select all that apply.

  • A point estimate estimates a sample statistic.
  • A point estimate uses a range of values. 
  • A point estimate estimates a population parameter. 
  • A point estimate uses a single value.

26. Fill in the blank: Because there is more uncertainty involved in estimating the standard error, data professionals use the _____ when working with a small sample size.

  • t-distribution
  • z-distribution
  • s-distribution
  • normal distribution

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