11. What examines the relationship between categorical variables and continuous variables?

  • Loss function
  • Adjusted R-squared
  • Explanatory variance
  • Analysis of variance

12. Fill in the blank: Two-way analysis of variance testing compares the means of one continuous dependent variable based on three or more groups of _____ categorical variables.

  • three
  • two
  • four
  • one

13. What test performs a pairwise comparison between all available groups while controlling for the error rate?

  • Bias-variance test
  • Post hoc test
  • Analysis of variance test
  • Chi-squared test

14. A data professional attempts to study the relationship between categorical and continuous variables to control for the effect of variables that are unrelated to the question to be answered. What type of statistical technique should they use?

  • Analysis of regression
  • Analysis of covariance
  • Analysis of independence
  • Analysis of variance

15. Fill in the blank: The acronym MANOVA means _____ analysis of variance.

  • multiple
  • multivariate
  • mean
  • model

16. What statistical technique should a data professional use to study the relationship between one categorical variable and two or more continuous dependent variables, while controlling for covariates?

  • Two-way ANOVA

17. Fill in the blank: When using _____, the independent variables must be categorical and the outcome variables must be continuous.

  • multivariate analysis of variance
  • multiple analysis of variables
  • analysis of variance
  • analysis of variables

18. What types of variables does MANCOVA compare while controlling for covariates? Select all that apply.

  • Preparation
  • Independent
  • Outcome
  • Dependent

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19. Fill in the blank: Analysis of variance examines the relationship between _____.

  • dependent and independent variables
  • initial and second hypothesis variables
  • null and alternative variables
  • categorical and continuous variables

20. By taking into account the covariate, data professionals can better isolate the relationship between the categorical variable of interest and which variable?

  • Y
  • Chi
  • X
  • Two-way

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