Module Quiz: Introduction to HTML and CSS

11. Which two elements should be added to the html element to make the structure of an HTML document?

  • <p>
  • <div>
  • <head>
  • <body>
  • link
  • src
  • href

13. When adding an image to a web page, which of the following is the correct HTML tag?

  • <img>
  • <image>
  • <link>

14. How many columns exist on the following HTML table?

  • 1 column
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns

15. When an HTML form is submitted to a web server, which HTTP methods can be used? Select all that apply.

  • POST
  • PUT
  • GET

16. For the following HTML code, which CSS selectors can be used to select the h1 element? Select all that apply.

  • Element Selector
  • ID selector
  • Class Selector
  • Descendant Selector

17. In the following CSS code, what is the color: part known as?

  • CSS Selector
  • CSS Attribute
  • CSS Rule
  • CSS Property

18. Based on the following CSS, what will be the margin-box width for div elements?

  • 10 pixels
  • 20 pixels
  • 30 pixels
  • 40 pixels

19. True or false. In document flow, block-level elements always start on a new line.

  • True
  • False

20. Based on the following CSS code, how will the text be aligned for the p element?

  • The text will be spread out so that every line of the text has the same width within the p element.
  • The text will be aligned to the left of the p element.
  • The text will be aligned to the right of the p element.
  • The text will be centered inside the p element.

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