41. There are several ways to secure transmitting form data to the web server. Which of the following will help secure the data? Select all that apply.

  • Send the data using HTTPS
  • Send the data using the HTTP GET method
  • Send the data using the HTTP POST method

Knowledge check: User input and forms

42. When the user clicks the submit button of the following form, what will happen? Select all that apply.

< form method="POST">
< input type="text" name="username">
< input type="password" name="password">
< button type="submit">Log In
< /form>

  • The server-side will prevent the processing of the request if server-side validation is implemented.
  • The browser will still allow form submission.
  • The browser will block the form submission.
  • It will use the resources of the server unnecessarily.

43. What attribute should be added to the element to ensure the user provides a response?

  • autocomplete
  • required
  • placeholder
  • pattern

44. What is the risk of using the HTTP GET method for form submission? Check all that apply.

  • The web address may exceed the maximum length accepted by the web server.
  • The form data will be sent insecurely.
  • The form data will be stored in the browser history.

45. Which of the following is a framework that provides CSS rules for forms and visual consistency? Check all that apply.

  • Tailwind CSS
  • Boilerplate
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation

46. The web browser sends a ____ to the web server, and the web server sends back a ____. This is done by means of the HTTP ____ method which accepts values as part of the URL or the HTTP ____ method which submits the values in our form as part of the request.

Fill in the blank with the correct order from the options below:

C. Request
D. Response

  • CDAB
  • ABDC
  • ABCD
  • CDBA

47. Which of the following values can fill the blank?

The form action attribute consists of _____ as values. Select all that apply.

  • An absolute URL
  • form status
  • HTTP Requests
  • Relative URL

Knowledge check: Media elements

48. Each square block in a table is called a:

  • cell
  • unit
  • index
  • box

Shuffle Q/A 5

49. What attribute can you add inside an audio tag to enable player controls such as the pause and volume buttons?

  • audio
  • src
  • controls
  • source

50. While using the canvas element from the HTML file inside your JavaScript file, you pass the value of the id attribute of the canvas to the document.getDocumentById() function in your JavaScript code.

  • True
  • False

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