Weekly challenge 1

11. Why do many data professionals prefer to use Python? Select all that apply.

  • Python has a large and supportive community of users.
  • Python is a low-level language.
  • Python is a high-level language.
  • Python has thousands of open source libraries available for use.

12. What are the benefits of using a Jupyter Notebook for data work? Select all that apply.

  • Lets you collaborate on data projects
  • Puts all of your code output in one document
  • Automatically interprets the results of your data analysis
  • Lets you add comments and annotations to your code

13. Fill in the blank: In Python, a _____ is a function that belongs to a class and typically performs an action or operation.

  • method
  • cell
  • string
  • keyword

14. Fill in the blank: _____ is the process of storing a value in a variable.

  • Assignment
  • Expression
  • Conversion
  • Syntax

15. In Python, variable names must start with which of the following? Select all that apply.

  • A parenthesis
  • An ampersand
  • An underscore
  • A letter

16. Which of the following is an effective variable name?

  • fun_for_variables
  • fun variable$
  • fun_with_variables
  • fun(variables)

17. In Python, which data type represents a sequence of characters and punctuation that contains textual information?

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Float
  • Integer

18. A data professional converts integers into strings using a predefined function. This is an example of what type of conversion?

  • Mutable conversion
  • Explicit conversion
  • Immutable conversion
  • Implicit conversion

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. A manager explores which programming language their team can use to perform coding work most effectively. They want a language with thousands of open-source libraries for reference. Ultimately, they select Python. What are some other benefits of using Python for coding? Select all that apply.

  • Python has a large and supportive user community.
  • Python is versatile.
  • Python is a low-level language.
  • Python is based on simple syntax.

20. Fill in the blank: The open-source web application _____ enables users to share documents containing live code, mathematical formulas, visualizations, and text. It also puts all output into a single document, which is very useful when first learning about programming.

  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Dot notation
  • Implicit analysis
  • Dynamic coding


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