31. A data professional is considering whether the data they are using to build a model is well-sourced. Which PACE stage does this scenario describe?

  • Analyze
  • Execute
  • Construct
  • Plan

32. What are some advantages of Python notebooks? Select all that apply.

  • They are useful for pairing code with human-readable descriptions and outputs.
  • They offer functional advantages, such as the ability to export PDF files.
  • Errors in the code can be easily debugged.
  • Noncode elements can be embedded directly into the file.

33. Fill in the blank: In a typical business, a data professional is most likely to request assistance from the _____ department to obtain preliminary information about a dataset.

  • marketing
  • information technology
  • business intelligence
  • sales

34. Fill in the blank: A key benefit of collaborative filtering is that it finds hidden _____ in the data.

  • contradictions
  • errors
  • duplicates
  • correlations

35. Fill in the blank: The data visualization package _____ is designed primarily for statistical visualization.

  • Matplotlib
  • Tableau
  • Plotly
  • Seaborn

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