11. To have code running only in the Unity Editor, you need to use compiler conditions to let the engine know what code should run in a certain environment. Which compiler directive allows us to run code only in the Unity Editor? Select the best answer.


12. Complete this sentence. Vuforia play modes include webcam, __________________ and recording. Select the best answer.

  • Replay
  • Android
  • Simulator
  • Hands-on

13. True or false: To add your pin deck to a scene, you need to make it a prefab so it can be instantiated.

  • True
  • False

14. Complete this sentence. When you are using the player controller to set up the ThrowBall method (throw ball behavior), you will first need to ________________________ and set the ball’s position. Select the best answer.

  • enable gravity
  • apply force
  • rotate the ball
  • store the camera and mouse position

15. The sample pin you created using a Unity 3D Object has two inherent physics properties. What is the third physics property you need to add? Select the best answer.

  • Mesh renderer
  • Capsule collider
  • Rigidbody
  • All of these physics properties must be added

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