Knowledge check: Advanced data structures

11. Given an array of 12 numbers -> 1,45,5,34,23,5,82,12,35,21,8,9

And a hashing function modulus 6. How many collisions would you expect to have in your table?

  • 7
  • 6
  • 4

12. What data structure would be most suitable for mimicking the actions of a hashtable?

  • Queue
  • Dictionaries
  • Stack

13. What value is stored at the root of a min_heap?

  • The last inserted value
  • The lowest value
  • The highest value

14. Why is the travelling salesman used in graphs?

  • Because the analogy of travelling can be related to the number of connected nodes.
  • Because the distance between two nodes reflects distance in real life.
  • Because graphs store information in a fixed way so that every node is the exact same distance apart. Allowing us apply travel times to it.

15. In relation to computer science what is a clique?

  • It is a social group that one actively engages with.
  • It is a subset of a graph that has found to have strong internal connections and weak external ones.
  • It is a memory feature that allows for quick lookup of one’s social circle.

Module quiz: Introduction to data structures

16. What do TSV files use to separate their data?

  • Tabs
  • Types
  • Topic

17. Arrays are always stored on the stack?

  • Yes, but only through making a shallow-copy.
  • Yes, but only through making a deep-copy.
  • No

18. What happens when you try to retrieve a value using a number greater than the index size?

  • It would return a warning and a message indicating the issue.
  • It would throw an error.
  • Nothing. There would be nothing to retrieve so it would return null.

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. In relation to computer science, what is a class?

  • It is the thing from which arrays are build.
  • It is a blueprint for an object.
  • An object that has functionality.

20. In relation to objects, what are instance variables?

  • Attributes that can take on many forms.
  • Characteristics of the class.
  • An attribute that has an immediate impact when compiled.

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