21. Which of the following statements will assign the name Chicago Neighborhoods to a bar graph in Python?

  • plt.name(“Chicago Neighborhoods”)
  • plt.show(“Chicago Neighborhoods”)
  • plt.xlabel(“Chicago Neighborhoods”)
  • plt.title(“Chicago Neighborhoods”)

22. Which Python function is used to render a graphic of a plot called graph?

  • show.pt(graph)
  • graph.display()
  • graph.show()
  • plot.graph()

23. Which structuring method combines two different data frames along a specified starting column?

  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Merging
  • Sorting

24. Fill in the blank: A box plot is a data visualization that depicts the locality, skew, and _____ of groups of values within quartiles.

  • height
  • area
  • temperature
  • spread

25. What type of data is gathered outside of an organization, but directly from the original source?

  • Second-party
  • Fourth-party
  • First-party
  • Third-party

26. Which structuring method aggregates individual observations of a variable into buckets?

  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Merging
  • Slicing

27. Which of the following statements correctly uses the head() function to return the first 5 rows of a dataset?

  • df.head(rows=5)
  • df.head(5)
  • df.head(5.df)
  • head=5

28. Which of the following statements will assign the name Salzburg Restaurants to a bar graph in Python?

  • plt.xlabel(“Salzburg Restaurants”)
  • plt.name(“Salzburg Restaurants”)
  • plt.show(“Salzburg Restaurants”)
  • plt.title(“Salzburg Restaurants”)

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