31. Which of the following statements correctly describe GUIs and CLIs? Select three answers.

  • A CLI uses commands to communicate with an operating system.
  • A CLI can complete multiple tasks efficiently.
  • A GUI is a text-based user interface.
  • GUI icons help users manage different tasks on a computer.

32. What does BIOS load in order to start an operating system?

  • The bootloader
  • The user interface
  • UEFI
  • An anti-virus application

33. A security team responds to a breach by following the instructions from their playbook. They later want to ensure all of the commands they entered were correct. So, they review the saved steps they performed in the command line. What does this scenario describe?

  • Repeating a process using icons
  • Saving files and applications from a start menu
  • Reviewing a history file in a GUI
  • Reviewing a history file in a CLI

34. Fill in the blank: On a computer, the _____ handles resource and memory management.

  • task manager
  • hardware
  • browser
  • operating system

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