11. What is the name of the process that includes steps like scoping, planning, iteration and retirement? Select the best answer.

  • The abbreviated Project Assessment Steps
  • The abbreviated Software Development Lifecycle
  • The agile Software Development Lifecycle
  • The agile Project Assessment Forecast

12. Complete this sentence. When using open-source licenses, make sure you’re aware of the fact that _______________________________________. Select all that apply.

  • you need to follow the rules defined by the developer for contributing to an open-source project.
  • some developers require you to share the revenue you make from apps that use their open-source code.
  • the guidelines may vary.
  • it often makes troubleshooting and knowledge sharing more complicated.

13. Complete this sentence. Training applications make use of Web AR for things like _________. Select all that apply.

  • digital flashcards with 3D imagery
  • games
  • this is a trick question. Web AR isn’t used in learning.
  • interactive virtual objects and environments

14. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. An entity is ___________________________________________ in your PlayCanvas app?

  • another term for a texture
  • a building block
  • a component with a script attached
  • a function triggered by a script command

15. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. Before working with PlayCanvas, Blender or any other AR application it’s important to check the ___________________________________________.

  • number of version branches
  • hardware requirements
  • number of objects or entities you need to create
  • file extensions

16. Where are all the different assets defined in the PlayCanvas App your team is creating? Select the best answer.

  • Blender
  • PlayCanvas
  • The Practical Budget Documentation
  • The Game Design Document

17. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. When you PlayCanvas can use an asset, it must be converted into a _______________________ asset.

  • target
  • functional
  • source alternate
  • compatible

18. In Blender, what is it called when you can see in Blender and you can see all the 3D objects used in a scene? Select the best answer.

  • A scenic view
  • A production view
  • A simulated view
  • A global view

19. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. When a new version a projects is published, this is known as the most recent _________________________________.

  • Stop-gap
  • Milestone marker
  • Version
  • Build

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