11. Fill in the blank: A security professional uses a(n) _____ to interact with a computer using text-based instructions.

  • operating system
  • GUI
  • text system
  • CLI

12. A useful feature of a CLI is that it records a history file of commands and actions.

  • True
  • False

Weekly challenge 1

13. Which of the following statements accurately describe operating systems? Select all that apply.

  • Operating systems are responsible for making computers run efficiently.
  • Operating systems are a type of computer hardware.
  • Computers have operating systems, but smartphones and tablets do not have them.
  • Operating systems help people and computers communicate.

14. Which of the following are common operating systems? Select three answers.

  • macOS®
  • Linux
  • PC
  • Windows

15. What is a bootloader?

  • A program that checks for malware infections on a computer
  • A program that starts an operating system
  • A program that communicates instructions to the user
  • A program that loads the BIOS or UEFI chip

16. Fill in the blank: When someone uses a computer application, the operating system interprets the user's requests and directs them to the appropriate _____.

  • user on the system
  • applications
  • user interface
  • components of the computers hardware

17. What happens when you use applications on your computer? Select three answers.

  • The application receives information from the operating system and sends a confirmation message directly to the hardware.
  • The operating system interprets a request from the application and directs it to the appropriate components of the computer’s hardware.
  • The application sends your request to the operating system.
  • The hardware sends information back to the operating system, which is sent back to the application.

18. Fill in the blank: The user communicates with the operating system via a(n) _____.

  • user application
  • specialized type of hardware
  • another operating system
  • user interface

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Which of the following statements correctly describe GUIs and CLIs? Select three answers.

  • A CLI performs multiple tasks less efficiently than a GUI.
  • CLI commands execute tasks, such as moving a file to a new folder.
  • GUI icons help users manage different tasks on a computer.
  • A CLI is a text-based user interface.

20. A security team suspects that an attacker has compromised their system. They examine the commands entered by the attacker to determine whether they can trace the attacker’s actions to help them resolve the incident. What does this scenario describe?

  • Reviewing a history file in a GUI
  • Repeating a process using icons
  • Reviewing a history file in a CLI
  • Examining the usage of files and applications from a start menu

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