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Intuit Academy Bookkeeping Professional Certificate Answers

Courses Answers:

Course 1: Bookkeeping Basics
Course 2: Assets in Accounting
Course 3: Liabilities and Equity in Accounting
Course 4: Financial Statement Analysis

About the course:

You’ll learn,

  • Build a foundation of basic bookkeeping concepts and accounting measurement.

  • Learn how to work through the various phases of the accounting cycle to produce key financial statements.

  • Practice interpreting and analyzing financial statements to make key business decisions.


Prepare for a career in Bookkeeping

  • Receive professional-level training from Intuit
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
  • Earn an employer-recognized certificate from Intuit
  • Qualify for in-demand job titles: Bookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable Specialist

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