21. Data visibility is the degree or extent to which a business intelligence professional can do what with data from disparate internal and external sources? Select all that apply.

  • Monitor the data
  • Integrate the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Identify the data

22. Fill in the blank: A business intelligence professional is working to improve a dashboard. Currently, it features _____, such as the number of social media followers and monthly page views. They decide to focus on more meaningful metrics instead.

  • biased metrics
  • vanity metrics
  • constrained metrics
  • spotlight metrics

23. A business intelligence professional at a building company considers when a dataset was created and what was happening in the construction industry at that time. What business intelligence concept does this scenario describe?

  • Contextualizing
  • Situating data
  • Positioning
  • Continuous improvement

24. Fill in the blank: A business intelligence professional is considering the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and trustworthiness of data. They want to ensure the data _____ of their dataset.

  • integrity
  • composition
  • ethics
  • structure

25. Which business intelligence concept involves the degree or extent to which timely and relevant information is readily accessible and able to be put to use?

  • Data availability
  • Data dimensions
  • Data openness
  • Data range

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