21. What does the pandas function pd.duplicated() return to indicate that a data value is a duplicate of another value within the same dataset?

  • False
  • Duplicate
  • True
  • Unique

22. Fill in the blank: A data professional should _____ a duplicate when its value is clearly a mistake or will misrepresent the remaining unique values within the dataset.

  • eliminate
  • filter
  • replicate
  • keep

23. Fill in the blank: N/A and NaN are terms used to describe _____ data.

  • qualitative
  • string
  • nominal
  • missing

24. Which of the following strategies might a data professional consider when handling missing data? Select all that apply.

  • Add in the values by taking the average values from the existing data.
  • Derive new representative values based on the available data.
  • Change the missing values to zeros.
  • Ask the owner of the data to fill in the missing values.

25. A data professional writes the following code:





Which function indicates that the first data frame should be merged with another data frame?

  • df_joined.head()
  • df.merge()
  • how=
  • on=

26. What pandas function is used to identify when a value is missing from a data frame?

  • null.pd()
  • pd.isnull()
  • null().pd
  • pd.null()

27. What type of outliers are a group of abnormal points that follow similar patterns and are isolated from the rest of a population?

  • Contextual outliers
  • Global outliers
  • Atypical outliers
  • Collective outliers

28. What pandas function enables a data professional to determine if duplicate values are present in a dataset?

  • pd.dupe()
  • pd.duplicated()
  • pd.deduplication()
  • pd.deduplicates()

29. Fill in the blank: A data professional should _____ a duplicate when its values are clearly not mistakes and should be taken into account when representing the dataset as a whole.

  • keep
  • eliminate
  • emphasize
  • filter

30. What problem does a data professional address by taking the average of available values from a dataset and using them to derive new representative values?

  • Missing data
  • Outlier values
  • Unclean data
  • Incorrect values

31. Fill in the blank: A data professional may work with categorical data by using a _____, which has a value of 0 or 1 and indicates the presence or absence of something.

  • dummy variable
  • floating point
  • variable character
  • data operator

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