11. A business intelligence team considers design best practices for their data visualizations. They choose to use both color and labels when working in Tableau. Why do they make that decision?

  • It combines data from multiple sources.
  • It adds visual elements.
  • It prioritizes accessibility
  • It reduces clutter.

12. For what reasons might a dashboard designer choose to group objects? Select all that apply.

  • To ensure the dashboard has a logical flow
  • To keep all pie charts together
  • Because they highlight the same topic
  • Because they present data about similar metrics

13. What are some techniques for improving dashboard processing speeds? Select all that apply.

  • Process more data using front-end servers
  • Filter data earlier in the process
  • Reduce the amount of data
  • Organize using additional tabs

14. Fill in the blank: A dashboard with _____uses a privacy setting to control the availability of a single item.

  • object-level permission
  • public availability
  • row-level permissions
  • column-level permissions

15. Fill in the blank: Pre-aggregation involves making calculations on database data before it is transferred to the _____ tool.

  • analysis
  • visualization
  • processing
  • mapping

16. Fill in the blank: Measures are quantitative data types that can be either _____ or continuous.

  • boolean
  • floating
  • discrete
  • timestamped

17. A business intelligence professional uses the Marks tool in Tableau to add color to a particular dimension. What are they doing?

  • Encoding
  • Summarizing
  • Tracking
  • Charting

18. A business intelligence team wants to prioritize accessibility when designing visualizations in Tableau. What strategy should they employ?

  • Use both color and labels.
  • Use neither color nor labels.
  • Use only color.
  • Use only labels.

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19. What are some dashboard best practices to emphasize important visualizations for stakeholders? Select all that apply.

  • Prioritization and hierarchy
  • Use of color
  • Grouping objects based on chart type
  • Hiding elements to reduce clutter

20. Fill in the blank: If a dashboard has _____, it is accessible to the general public.

  • privacy settings
  • row-level permissions
  • object-level permissions
  • public availability

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