Detect when a player touches a plane quiz

11. True or false. In AR, you are most often asked to place virtual objects onto physical surfaces.

  • True
  • False

12. What is raycasting? Select all that apply.

  • Raycasting creates an invisible straight line from the screen touchpoint to the affected object.
  • Raycasting is a process used to detect if a user touching the screen connects to something in your app.
  • Raycasting is another word for aiming or targeting a weapon in a shooting app.
  • Raycasting is the programming process for uniting various different scripts under a single command.

13. What tool or process in Unity uses or contains visual scripting with node-based actions and values to execute logic? Select the best response.

  • The script machine component
  • The C# coding language
  • A script graph
  • A prefab array

14. What tool would you use to locate and select visual scripting nodes, indexes and variables? Select the best response.

  • The blackboard
  • The graph inspector
  • The graph editor
  • The fuzzy finder

15. Complete this sentence. When you are selecting a raycast node for your visual script, make sure it includes _________________________________. Select all the answers that apply.

  • a Raycast Sequence input
  • a Trackable Types input
  • a Hit Results input
  • a Screen Point input

16. When raycasting, if the user touches a valid plane, what word(s) should appear in the debug UI display? Select the best response.

  • True
  • Activate
  • Plane contact established
  • Yes

17. To successfully set up raycasting in a visual script, you need to add two object variables. The first is the AR Raycast Manager component. What is the second? Select the best response.

  • A returned item (Rri) list variable
  • An ahead of time (Aot) list variable
  • A compilation list variable
  • An end of watch (Eow) list variable

18. Where do you add text that tells users how to use your app? Select all the answers that apply.

  • The Start node
  • The Event Manager node
  • As a C# script object
  • The Set Text node

19. True or false. To determine if a user successfully touched a horizontal or vertical plane in your app you need to use the Y and Z axis coordinates.

  • False
  • True

20. True or false. The AR Plane Manager allows you to decide what will be displayed on the plane you detect.

  • True
  • False

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